Sunday, April 11, 2010

i believe in miracles

thank goodness for cell chargers that connect to laptops!
story: so my sis and i have the same phone. she came to my place for spring break and accidentally took my charger along with hers. it just so happened that my battery died the day she left. how convenient. hence, i have been out of a phone for a few days. it's been in slc when i thought she mailed it, grrr

so, the good part. instead of studying for an econ test, i decided to finish packing the small things from my desk when i came upon my phone cord that connects to computers. i thought, "wonder if this will charge my phone battery?" low and behold! it did.

now i can get housing for fall, sign-up for my internship, coordinate group projects, keep in touch with reality, and the like.

had i had a phone i could have fixed online pizza ordering-gone wrong. silly un-user friendly pizza hut site that gave me a mushroom and cheese pizza! it just wasn't quite right. too plain!