Friday, September 25, 2009

Check out my Craigslist Find!

I got this couch for $100 tonight!!! My friend projects that it's worth $1,500!!!! I'm in Heaven!!! We're talking Pottery Barn material!!! Let's just say it was a beast getting it into my apartment! Being above ground, and not having enough room above ground was a bit of a challenge. Rotation after rotation is what it took. But it's in and in for good!!! Hooray!!!! Plus the manager is reimbursing my $100.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pole Wisdom

So, that sign I saw the other night on a lamp post happens to be from
I'm fascinated by the creator's story because I completely relate. It's a brilliant idea!


I started Pole Wisdom in July 2009. I’d been thinking a lot about my life and the lessons I’d learned in the past but seemed to keep forgetting—basic things that make me happy but that I just don’t really think about too much. I was kind of in a semi-depressed funk and wanted to get out of it. I knew that I feel most fulfilled when I’m helping others. A little bit of brainstorming later and bam, Pole Wisdom was born. This project gives me a way of brightening other people’s days, and my day is brightened in return.

The great thing about Pole Wisdom is that anyone can participate in it. You too can help make people’s lives a little bit better, a little bit more meaningful, a little bit happier. The idea is for people to be going around, minding their own business, and then see one of the Tidbits of Wisdom posted somewhere. (See the How To page for details on exactly how that all works). Hopefully someone will read something that they need to read, something that can help them in their lives. If anyone’s life is changed even ever-so-slightly for the better, then this project is a success.

It’s fun, it helps you, it helps others. Everybody’s a winner—just the way it should be.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Naisi Zhao

Her story is phenomenal. The NYT does a magnificent job profiling her. Click on the link!

One in 8 Million - New York Region News - The New York Times
Published: 20090108
New York is a city of characters.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

enchanting poem


When books fall open
And you fall in
A great adventure
Will begin.

A princess, a Tigger
A flying broom
A magic hat
A pink kangaroo.

Yes, when books fall open
And you fall in,
A great adventure
Will begin.

A knight and his horse
A trip to the moon,
A talking dog
A big red balloon.

So pick a book
Crawl right in,
Then your journey
Shall begin.

© Makennarella

My mom has this great Mary Engelbreit banner displayed in her classroom, and along with this poem, I'm reminded of all the times I listened to my elementary school librarian read to my class. I was captivated each time.

inspiring message

touching to hear a 9/11 survivor talk about his transformation from guilt to hope...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


on my way to school one day, i saw this pick-me-up ad.
love that it's on a light post.

Friday, September 18, 2009


every now and then my mind recalls a great children's book from my childhood. today it happens to be this one.

"eddie's off to find his teddy.
eddie's teddy's name is freddie."

lo, and behold, a bear has befriended eddie's teddy as his own!


such a doll, this one!
got to hang with her labor day!
she's got personality!

so, i gotta see it...