Friday, September 9, 2011

god is good!

got a pt job at utah valley convention and visitors bureau this morning!!
i interned at the oly vcb last summer and it was the worst experience of my life!
but god must have wanted me there so i would have this opportunity in utah. oh the things we don't know.
this is gonna be phenomenal! i'll be working with the provo airport to get flights to LA who already has flights to denver via frontier airlines!!! i'll also work with the sundance film festival and resort!!
i'm excited because this job allows me to stay in provo with my friends! i would like to stay here at least a year and then move on to an agency or corporation!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


i feel blessed to have the next four days off. thurs. through sun. that i didn't request.
i need it. i so desperately need it.
i need to revive my soul. i need some influential soul-searching time.
to sew my life and soul back together.
i feel as though i'm in a swirling, never-ending cyclone where life is jetting past me, away from me.
time to calm this cluttered frenzy. 
time to become one with myself, with life again.