Friday, August 16, 2013


ironic how my boss told me to better communicate with him on my whereabouts and yet no one has the slightest clue as to where he is today...studying for the gre? recovering from china jet lag? u know what? i don't fing care if you're a vp, you hypocrite! don't give me shit and expect me to follow your pointless rules and then do the same. 

tibetan proverb i'm trying to incorporate into my life: let go or be dragged. 

the shit we do for a paycheck. 

i recently signed a warning notice about not properly entering in vacation hours (i forgot and not to mention it was never explained to me) and for not working a sufficient amount of hours. bs. i said how is me working out 2x during the day if there is nothing to do any different from the co-workers sitting on their asses 8 hrs straight facebook stalking and watching movies? Really. Someone please explain this. I always have my phone on me so if anything comes up from work, I'm immediately able to attend to the task.