Sunday, January 24, 2010

gosh this girl is cute

i love kendyl! yes i do! i love kendyl! how bout you?!
nix on that couch though...too distracting for my taste.

photos courtesy here

motivation: where does it come from? the brain maybe?

so my roommates think i have mono because i sleep a lot. hahahaha i laugh and then proceed to tell them that no, i just have no motivation. while sleep can be a great pastime i'm abusing it. this may or may not  have to do with the fact that the monotony of college is getting to my head. due to the fact that classes require quite a bit more reading this semester than last, i'm a little out of shape. i mean there gets to be a point when you don't want to read just because you have to pass a test. i've been doing this for just too long in my opinion. thank my lucky stars that i'm almost done. i trick myself and tell myself i'm reading to enlarge my intellectual insights but everyone knows that i could be doing that without classes telling me i have to take a test. the little engine that could is all i can relate to right now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh my Camp Topridge

In my perusal of channels I came upon the travel channel. I'm hooked. I've got to go one of these days. Boat houses galore. Forested lake. Rustic retreat. Need I say more? When they say rustric, it ain't so rustic. On the contrary, it's quite elaborate. Situated on 207 acres, this picture doesn't do justice like the travel channel but it gets the idea across.

Location: Keese Mill, NY; Adirondack Forest

update on the minor dilemma

so i'm going with the bidness minor, that's right, bidness. it becomes necessary to enroll in a bidness minor when one needs more liberal arts and science classes then they have in order to graduate. *bidness=baby mama reference!

and the exciting thing...get ready!!!!! drum roll please... i have one semester after this semester and then i graduate!!! hooray!!!!!!!! i will officially be a college graduate Fall of 2010!!!!!!!! i'M psyched.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

highlight of christmas

i swear this girl just makes me melt! she giggles, she laughs, she chuckles, she waves her hands when she's excited, she claps her hands, she sings, she smiles, she grins.

forgot how laugh out loud funny Home Improvement is

so having cable tv could pose a potential problem this semester...home improvement is back. talk about much more fun than school.  my favorite quote of recent: "christmas isn't about spending it with people you like; it's about spending it with family." hasn't this been true at one time or another...hahaha

a minor = not so simple pleasure

so there's this ridiculous thing i have to do to get out of college. i say ridiculous because none of the minors i would like to minor in are available. i'm practically finished with my major, but don't have enough credits to graduate. unfortunately, taking a smattering of classes to fulfill those credits doesn't look as good as a minor.  so, here i'm am trying to force myself into the most practical one that complements my major most; business. or as angie said in baby mama, bidness. let's just say the forcing part isn't going as well. i happen to not care to bury myself in books about economics, college algebra, and financial management. no, taking stress-inducing tests in these subjects isn't my idea of fun. what to do? what to do? especially when these particular classes are bound to lower my gpa at the intense marriott business school of byu. and lowering my gpa means less scholarship money. ahhhhhhhh

amidst all this time-consuming, confused pondering, on an interesting note, i discovered that everyone has very different interests. some people are fascinated by medicine whereas others are not as interested to invest time to study it, but thrive at fine art fields like writing and design.

Friday, January 8, 2010

time to think about other people

i just finished three cups of tea. what a life-changing book!

the idea that terrorism can be banished through education is mind-boggling and incredibly believable. seems like an excellent theory.

how true it is that everyone needs people to come through because positive relationships are the only way to survive this life. i find it easy to forget this tidbit.