Saturday, January 9, 2010

a minor = not so simple pleasure

so there's this ridiculous thing i have to do to get out of college. i say ridiculous because none of the minors i would like to minor in are available. i'm practically finished with my major, but don't have enough credits to graduate. unfortunately, taking a smattering of classes to fulfill those credits doesn't look as good as a minor.  so, here i'm am trying to force myself into the most practical one that complements my major most; business. or as angie said in baby mama, bidness. let's just say the forcing part isn't going as well. i happen to not care to bury myself in books about economics, college algebra, and financial management. no, taking stress-inducing tests in these subjects isn't my idea of fun. what to do? what to do? especially when these particular classes are bound to lower my gpa at the intense marriott business school of byu. and lowering my gpa means less scholarship money. ahhhhhhhh

amidst all this time-consuming, confused pondering, on an interesting note, i discovered that everyone has very different interests. some people are fascinated by medicine whereas others are not as interested to invest time to study it, but thrive at fine art fields like writing and design.

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