Tuesday, December 7, 2010

when you like the people you work with

it's a h of a lot easier to go to work!!
what a notion.

Monday, December 6, 2010

flexible = taller

so that one class i mentioned where i stretch and take power naps is um so worth it!!
i'm taller. that's right now....5'7!!!
for the past several years, i have been a stagnant 5'5.
2 inches baby!
imagine that!!!

happy st. nicholas day!!

gosh, i love this tradition!

since i can remember, on the eve of st. nicholas day we would put out a shoe and fill it with either an apple or carrot for st. nick's horse and wake up to find it refilled with presents and goodies of all kinds!!

mom even sends me st. nick packages since i'm away at college!!
today, i got such a festive, super chic pillowcase, twisted peppermint hand soap, land-o-lakes hot cocoa, and of course lots of chocolate candy!!

so much for being sugar free for a week and a day!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

no young woman should be hit on at gold's gym by old men

need i say more??????

vomit in mouth

a way back yonder

of course, my love of classic movies goes hand-in-hand with this beauty, a 1930s european-style telephone.

i would say, if only i had more permanent diggs. let's face it, telephones have gone out the door in this century and will soon be extinct by my predictions. but, hey this would be a great display piece.

it's even on sale at amazon.

Castledoor "Dumpster Diving"

love castledoor