Thursday, February 9, 2012

fat kid moment

i just ate my feelings big time.
3 cupcakes consisting of a graham cracker crust, molten middle, super sugary frosting, one chocolate, one fruity...yeah, u get the picture.

it's funny. people's mentalities on sweets.
one co-worker said we should throw them away because no one needs the calories. can't argue with that. the same co-worker said she took one bite and said gross! not worth the calories.
another: no! i want to eat them!

but u know, i've been running every day 30 minutes straight and am loving it. been loving eating sweets in moderation too. it's funny how not having money restrains me from giving into my cravings. haha i had this bad habit of dropping everything when a craving kicked in and rushing to the grocery store to feed me soul. but it's self-destructive.

i went into work today adamant i wouldn't have anymore. cuz i had 3 yesterday. well that plan failed when my boss who i share an office with began quizzing me on which one was better and after too much talking on that one, i gave in.

and then i proceeded to let a friend drag me to a chinese buffet, that i had patronized 2 days prior mind you, where i indulged in more dessert: cookies, ice cream, sponge cake. and just when i thought i was done using food as a soul-soother. jeeze louise!! lol

as much as i wish i could eat whatever and whenever i want we know that it's not healthy. lol

harder to accept though than one would think.

anyway, i gave in at no cost...ha, to my pocketbook anyway. waistline, that's a different story. i've been so sad about my friend that i was falling for. more on that someday.

p.s. for a fun read on pop culture's definition of fat kid moment go here!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Beware: Woe is me post.
There's no beating around the bush.
I'm heartbroken.
I'm watching "friends" throw their lives away on pot.
I'm sans money.
Makes for really good writing material at least.

Look on the brightside Kay, you're still drug, alcohol, & smoke free. And that's something to be proud of because, you know, as you see it RUINS life!