Sunday, January 24, 2010

motivation: where does it come from? the brain maybe?

so my roommates think i have mono because i sleep a lot. hahahaha i laugh and then proceed to tell them that no, i just have no motivation. while sleep can be a great pastime i'm abusing it. this may or may not  have to do with the fact that the monotony of college is getting to my head. due to the fact that classes require quite a bit more reading this semester than last, i'm a little out of shape. i mean there gets to be a point when you don't want to read just because you have to pass a test. i've been doing this for just too long in my opinion. thank my lucky stars that i'm almost done. i trick myself and tell myself i'm reading to enlarge my intellectual insights but everyone knows that i could be doing that without classes telling me i have to take a test. the little engine that could is all i can relate to right now.


Anonymous said...

oh what a familiar feeling! just tell yourself that once you're done you can reward yourself by watching Parks and Recreation...this never works for me...i just end up sleeping through the reading but waking up in time to watch a little tv...maybe it'll work for you though

Anonymous said...

hey I just thought of a really good some to go along with this feeling. minus the cheesy video, i think you'll like it.

morris said...

motivation always comes from within.
When you have a hunger for accomplishing something every single day, no matter how small it might be, you are self motivated.
Its like taking a shower, you need it on a daily basis. It only comes to you when you are accomplishing something worthwhile.
A book Suggestion:Psycho Cybernetics-It will change your life for good.

Kayleigh said...

thanks morris! i'm gonna read that book.