Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pole Wisdom

So, that sign I saw the other night on a lamp post happens to be from polewisdom.com.
I'm fascinated by the creator's story because I completely relate. It's a brilliant idea!


I started Pole Wisdom in July 2009. I’d been thinking a lot about my life and the lessons I’d learned in the past but seemed to keep forgetting—basic things that make me happy but that I just don’t really think about too much. I was kind of in a semi-depressed funk and wanted to get out of it. I knew that I feel most fulfilled when I’m helping others. A little bit of brainstorming later and bam, Pole Wisdom was born. This project gives me a way of brightening other people’s days, and my day is brightened in return.

The great thing about Pole Wisdom is that anyone can participate in it. You too can help make people’s lives a little bit better, a little bit more meaningful, a little bit happier. The idea is for people to be going around, minding their own business, and then see one of the Tidbits of Wisdom posted somewhere. (See the How To page for details on exactly how that all works). Hopefully someone will read something that they need to read, something that can help them in their lives. If anyone’s life is changed even ever-so-slightly for the better, then this project is a success.

It’s fun, it helps you, it helps others. Everybody’s a winner—just the way it should be.


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