Saturday, October 31, 2009

Three Cups of Tea Author Greg Mortenson Spoke at BYU

Incredible!  Profound!  Motivational!
 I took notes because I was so moved...Enjoy some tidbits!

Greg said the title is in honor of Korphe Village Chief Haji Ali. Ali taught the importance of building relationships.
Three Cups of Tea
The 1st Cup means you're a stranger
2nd Cup means you're a friend 
3rd Cup means you're family 

A mere 25% of American children talk with their elders about history.
An astounding 90-95% of Pakistani children talk history with their elders.

 African Proverb
If you educate a boy,
You educate an individual.

If you educate a girl,
You educate a community.

The 1st chapter is titled "Failure" because we all fail, we all make mistakes.

Persian Proverb
When it is dark
You can see the stars.

To solve poverty we must
taste it
smell it
be it
touch it
(The only way to make a change)

Good News: 8.5 children attend school (2.5 million females)
Bad News: In the last two years, the Taliban has bombed over 800 schools

The ink of a scholar is more powerful than the blood of a sword.

Chief had two books: Pakistan Poetry and the Koran.
Greg asked Chief why he cried when he read.
"My life's greatest sadness is never learning to read or write," Chief said.
Chief's greatest wish was for all children to be taught to read and write.

When Greg worked to sell/hook Middle Eastern leaders into the schools and curriculum,
all they wanted was to play on the playgrounds. They put down their weapons and went on to play.
Greg said "Don't you want to see the school and curriculum?"
They replied, "No, you can have your school."
They were gypped as kids!

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