Monday, February 22, 2010

1 to the 20

it's funny. the 21st birthday is a huge one for americans.
it's that one long-awaited day when one can legally go out with friends and get unbelievably wasted.

will i be getting drunk? NO!
why? due to my addictive personality, my life would probably go downhill from here. don't want to go drinking myself to death.  
a temptation? yes
will i give in? NO

here's to being a college graduate in december!!! and that i share a birthday with some of my favorite actors...patricia richardson, kristen davis and aziz ansari!

happy birthday fellow february 23rdians!


Anonymous said...

is/was that your b-day cake! exciting and delicious! hey we can start a "not getting drunk on our 21st birthday and instead eating something delicious like this b-day cake or the frozen yogurt Jayson promised me" club! happy birthday friend!

Kayleigh said...

can't wait to start that tradition! i found that cake like a year ago and thought it was nifty so i saved it. hehe