Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ode to moaning

really wish i could find a stinking job right now. oh how the world revolves around money. i want money darn't. really wish i could buy a new laptop cause mine's heavy and my optical drive doesn't function.
really wish life was a lot easier than it is.
really wish that i had a plan for getting a job after i graduate.
really wish i could get out of school now with a degree (i know, oxymoron aside the previous wish, but still how i feel)
really wish i was in a better mood.

gosh, i sound awful.
what the h is wrong with me? i didn't lose everything like too many did from an earthquake.

p.s. some say venting and moaning about life is ridiculous but i disagree today. it's a simple pleasure because frankly there's nothing to be stoked about right now.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes you've just got to write it out. ya dig?