Sunday, September 19, 2010

itch to speak something other than english

i wish i spoke more spanish. a young girl at office depot asked for someone who could speak spanish to her mom. all i could offer was to speak english while the young girl translated to her mom.

i was excited when i heard cuantos! i know that means how much. when i said audios to the family, in excitement, the  mom asked if i spoke spanish. no, with a sorry look was all i could say.

i never bothered to learn spanish at byu cuz it's crazy hard. class 5 days a week, not to mention speaking tests weekly. i was never that motivated. i think the best way for me to learn is through talking, not book study. now that i'm a senior, maybe i'm ready to take a class hahaha. probably not at byu though.definitely an admirable skill.

i met this girl in my public speaking class who was speaking Arabic. she is from Jordan. How cool is that? i even know where Jordan is. have always loved geography but definitely have not traveled to near as many places!

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