Tuesday, November 16, 2010

good advice

this entrepreneur, tom oldham, taught my class life lessons.
stress can kill you, he flat out said.
    so lessen the impact by working on what bothers you the most.

in terms of leadership, there's no such thing as an ideal leader.
no one can be on by one's self.
weakness undermines our strength.
balance yourself with a team.
the challenge is allowing someone who thinks differently than you to lead, but it must be done for counterbalance.

can't blame anyone but yourself
when success comes, must give credit to the team
praising people = the best motivator
criticizing = lousy leader sign

time management
time is our scarcest commodity
work on what matters most
work on what worries you the most

persistance / positive problem solving
winston churchill is a great example
never, never, never, never *he literally said it 10x give up!
attitudes: we are in total charge of how we respond to situations
keep doing what doing = keep getting what getting , so we must continue to make adjustments when failure strikes

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