Friday, February 11, 2011

the intelligence question

college is all about discovering your passions right? and embracing them?

wrong! seeing that i decided to go with the business minor to open up carer possibilities i wasn't aware that i would discover all the while that certain business classes resemble in no way whatsoever my passions. well, now i am. cuz i have no desire whatsoever to embrace and seize the workload/learning when it comes to these classes.  i don't because the material is boring, dull and monotonous.

my life is hell right now! hell i say!

this week, one week alone i failed two tests. the sad thing is that i studied for them. cram studied albeit, but still.

two tests! people! talk about crappy feelings! the feelings that come along with this test include "so much for trying to improve the gpa." "am i that stupid?"

on the last thought. i know i'm not stupid. i actually know that i'm quite intelligent. one may think that i am justifying my sorrow in failing, but it's the truth. academics to a certain point, when it comes to passing tests, don't determine intelligence. they just don't.

passing tests is really all game. test-taking is a game to see whether or not your can answer subjective questions blindly sans any practice material that will accurately guide you on an exam.

and this my friends, is why passing tests doesn't determine intelligence.

over-n-out-from yours truly, kayleigh

this is what i look like after studying for hours. thrilled.

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