Monday, August 1, 2011

motherly advice

it started with me saying i don't cook.

mom: yes, you do. you're a very good cook!

me: i guess i shouldn't say i don't cook cuz that implies i'm one of those woman who refuses to step foot in a kitchen, we've all met them.

i just mean that it's no fun to cook for myself so i haven't been. i need people to cook for, i say!

you will, she says. you will.

without me mentioning family, the convo segues to when you have children you can feed them the stuff you cook so they aren't those children who only want mac and cheese and pbjs cuz if that's all you feed them, that's all they'll want. but if they eat what you eat from a young age, they'll enjoy it!

hmm ... someday. someday.

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