Wednesday, August 24, 2011

some people SUCK

here i tell of customers who ... yeah ...

so this older husband wife duo comes up to the register and the wife asked, "is this paper a better deal at wal-mart?"
"i don't know," i said stoically.
she said in all seriousness, "you don't know the price of this paper at wal-mart?"
i said matter-of-factually, "sorry, i don't."

humph! she stammers, "well, you should!" 
keep in mind, i don't show any expression.

then the repulsive husband chimes in, "are you always this cheerful at the end of the day?"
um, how is one supposed to respond to this question? who do people think they are?
i ignore the question and continue ringing the items thinking it will blow over cuz last i checked, strangers don't always reply to people's idiotic banter.

this smart-one repeats, "are you always this cheerful at the end of the day?"

i just smile.

he then proceeds to grab a card off my register and demands my name. i comply and when he asks for my last name i politely tell him i don't give out my last name. then he demands the store #. i should have said my name was sally or winifred.

i think [without wearing my emotions on my sleeve], wow these mother effing ppl need to get out of this store now.

so, because i didn't know the price of paper at wal-mart nor paid attention to a demeaning question about cheerfulness these ppl were pissed off.

pleasant people ... real pleasant.

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